Financial Statement Analysis

Accounting Review

  • Review Video: Balance Sheet and Income Statement @ Khan Academy
  • Review Video: Financial Statements @ Khan Academy
  • Review Video: Straight Line Depreciation @ Edspira
  • Review Video: Double Declining Balance Depreciation @ Edspira
  • Review Video: Deferred Tax Asset @ Edspira
  • Review Video: Deferred Tax Liability @ Edspira
  • Review Video: Additional Paid-in Capital @ Edspira
  • Review Video: Altman Z score @ Edspira

Common Size Financial Statements

DuPont Analysis

  • Guest Video: ATM

Earnings Management

Earnings Quality

Discounted Cash Flow Valuation

  • Guest Video: The Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) @ Edspira
  • Guest Video: Free Cash Flow to the Firm @ Edspira
  • Guest Video: Sources and Uses of Cash @ ATM
  • Guest Video: Net Working Capital @ Edspira
  • Guest Video: DCF using FCFF @ Edspira
  • DCF using Free Cash Flow to Equity

Sustainable Growth Rate

  • Guest Video @ ATM


  • Optional Video: What is Factoring? @ APM